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Healing Autoimmune Conditions Through Trauma Recovery: A Personal Journey

In this blog post, I want to share my personal journey of overcoming five autoimmune conditions by addressing the underlying trauma that was connected to them. It is my hope to inspire and encourage others who may be facing similar challenges, offering a step-by-step process to help them embark on their own healing journey.

Acknowledge the Connection:

The first step towards healing is recognizing the potential link between autoimmune conditions and trauma. While medical science is still unraveling the complex relationship between the two, numerous studies suggest a significant correlation. Allow yourself to accept that unresolved trauma may contribute to the development or exacerbation of autoimmune conditions.

I remember going through several phases in my life where I didn’t know if I was going to make it. I was disinherited at the age of sixteen and navigating life alone was one of the most difficult ways to live. Everyone was ready to prey on an innocent and independent woman. After dealing with a wrong conviction, rape, being attacked by relatives during my father’s death, finding out I grew up in a family of enemies, and growing up with a narcissistic sister and a mentally ill mom, and facing major challenges in the workplace while getting scammed by many authoritative men. My cortisol levels were through the roof.

I considered myself a cycle breaker and wanted to live my own life. A life where I would be able to heal from this fate. I remember reflecting on this life every night and gaining a new sense of self-awareness. Self-awareness takes you out of the victim mentality and keeps you going for better life experiences.

Self-Reflection and Awareness:

Take the time to reflect on your life experiences, especially those that might have led to trauma. Journaling, meditation, or talking with a trusted friend can help you gain insights into the emotional wounds that may be contributing to your autoimmune conditions. Cultivate self-awareness to identify triggers, patterns, and behaviors that might be linked to your trauma.

Emotional Release and Processing:

Addressing trauma requires acknowledging and expressing your emotions. Engage in activities that allow you to safely release pent-up emotions, such as art therapy, writing, or even physical exercise. By processing these emotions, you can gradually release the emotional burden that might be impacting your immune system.

Therapeutic Techniques and Spirituality:

Consider exploring various therapeutic techniques that can facilitate trauma healing. These may include cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR), somatic experiencing, or mindfulness practices. Each approach offers different tools and methods to help you navigate and heal from trauma.

I personally used astrology and other healers for guidance around my tough situations. It felt as though I was walking down a path where no one had good intentions for me. They were not wishing me well and I had to figure out how to find solutions and keep moving forward.

Self-Care and Lifestyle Changes:

Nurturing your physical and emotional well-being is crucial when healing from trauma and autoimmune conditions. Prioritize self-care activities that promote relaxation, such as meditation, yoga, or spending time in nature. Additionally, adopt a nutrient-dense, anti-inflammatory diet, engage in regular exercise, and ensure sufficient sleep to support your body’s healing process.

Community and Support:

Connect with others who are on a similar healing path. Healveda Health autoimmune communities allow you to share experiences, exchange advice, and find encouragement. Surround yourself with individuals who understand and validate your journey, fostering a sense of belonging and solidarity.

Patience and Persistence:

Remember that healing takes time and is a unique process for each individual. Be patient and compassionate with yourself as you navigate through the ups and downs of healing from trauma and autoimmune conditions. It may be a challenging road, but know that you are capable of overcoming and finding renewed health and vitality.

By addressing the connection between trauma and autoimmune conditions, we open up the possibility for profound healing and transformation. As someone who has embarked on this journey and overcome five autoimmune conditions, I can attest to the power of resolving trauma in reclaiming health and well-being. With the right support, self-reflection, and commitment, you too can embark on your own path to healing and thrive once again.

Remember, you don’t have to face this journey alone. Reach out for support, empower yourself with knowledge, and embrace the process of healing with courage and resilience.

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